Remax - Mini White 2600mAh Power Box
Remax - Mini White 2600mAh Power Box
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Power Bank Portable Mobile Powerbank REMAX

Colour: WHITE

Capacity: 2600 mAh

Product Description 

The REMAX power bank is used as a portable device to charge your device on the go. The Remax power bank/box is compatible with any device from mobile phones, tablets and digital devices. It's capacity is 2600mAh, which can charge your device with one whole charge. This product is super compatible and rapidly effective when in use. Charge your device on the go without having no worry about your battery percentage. The Remax comes in one simple colour which is 'White'.

Remax 2600mah power bank is a high capacity power bank that keeps your electronic devices charged while you are on the move. It comes with 2600 mAh battery that can make your smartphone function for a long time period. You can also charge MP3 players, tablets and many digital cameras using this power bank. It incorporates ABS shell casing that gives it an elegant look. This device is just 100 grams in weight which makes it highly portable. With this device, you can have non-stop conversations with your friends, play games, browse web and do a lot more without any battery worries.

Compatibility : It can be used to charge all Android and iPhones. 

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